Thursday, May 28, 2015

The trip (from Nick's perspective)

Seeing As You Like It at the Globe Theater was truly an experience to remember. The interaction with the audience by the actors was humorous and played well into the performance. They knew how to make people laugh, and even used the weather as part of their act. As rain periodically fell upon the groundlings, the actors would indicate the weather to add effect to their lines, and as the skies cleared up, the actors would use that as well. Their interaction with the audience and the portrayal of the play in such a fashion that I had in pictured was lively and entertaining.

Seeing The Merchant of Venice performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company was truly a sight to behold. The acting and portrayal of characters was creative and excellently done. Throughout the play were so many small elements that one could simply not enjoy from merely reading off the script. Combined, these elements spun a wonderful portrayal of William’s classic romance, and made for a night well spent at the theater.

The city of London was a beautiful centre of historical and cultural diversity. The high-quality foreign restaurants, ancient monuments, and celebrated buildings, combined with the rich mixes of types of people living there made for one of the most spectacular cities one could visit. The high speed of life in some parts of the city met peacefully in the mellow and steady preservation of traditional cultures, a rare occurrence in such a large place. This beautiful old city has an energy to it that one would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

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