Friday, June 5, 2015

The trip from Alex's perspective

As I was looking through the photos from our trip I discovered a strange peculiarity; I had barely any traditional tourist pictures.  Instead of being pictures of landmarks and amazing views, I have picture after picture of my group mates.  Upon discovering this I was suddenly frustrated, how could I remember the trip if I didn’t have any pictures of what I had seen? Yet as I flipped through picture after picture I discovered that, remarkably, I knew where each picture was taken.  It wasn’t that I remembered by seeing the setting, rather, I could tell from the emotion filling each face where we were.  As I saw Galen’s wide smile, silhouetted by his halo of blond hair, I remembered Buckingham Palace.  Christie’s calculating stare reminded me of the late night games of mafia, and Ben’s intense focus brought back memories of reading Shakespeare in the park. 
In these correlations, for me, lies the reason for the greatness of this trip.  Each of us was discovering England, discovering Shakespeare not alone, but as a group.  The trip was not only memorable for what we have seen, but also for the people we shared these experiences with.  I will forever remember Rainer waking up in the middle of the night to speak in satanic tongues, I will forever remember Christie and Lauren freaking out in front of the Globe, and I will forever remember the poor old lady I fell asleep on in the Tube.